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Whoever would have thought...

... I would be listening to Kanye West again. Back in the 2000's, I was singing his praises. I was hear for College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation. I had his cd's on heavy rotation in my cd player when I was traveling on the trains and buses in NYC.  I even memorized his spoken word performance on Def jam (when that was poppin) and would recite it with my older brother who is another avid Ye fan. But after his mother died, my brother and I agreed that Kayne was slipping with his album 808 Heartbreak. I was trying to hold on with Love Lockdown but when the ballet dancers came on the scene in the video for Runaway, I ran away from him, his music and artistry. I stopped following his career.

Then I started to hear about Sunday Service. I honestly thought it was a cult. Where do you ever see black men in white singing songs in a circle? No where which is exactly why I thought there was obviously something wrong. Did I look into it? No. I just judged, sat on my patroni…

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